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I just want to let you all know what most of you might be wondering.. Can you make sweet love on this bed? Well the answer is YES yes you can! My significant other and I are both large tall people, we both slept comfortably on this bed. Recommended for both activities!


This is amazing!! I am SOOO INCREDIBLY PLEASED. this tent came in two days!! I was able to put it together by myself. And then fold it away in less than five minutes to fit back in its case!! And all for less than 15 dollars!?!? I am so amazed. It has stakes to put in the ground.


Best camping chair I've owned. I won't get specific with my dimensions but I'm a pretty big guy. Most chairs you find in stores are designed for skinny people whereas this chair works well with my large body. These chairs are great, so glad I ordered 2!
It really is a fine camp chair -